Sioux’s Standing Rock, an Alarm Sign

The Indian Issue in the Americas, a Fight for Survival, a Healthy Planet and Human Wellbeing. Colonialism has never died, it’s still alive. But now there is a recrudescence of its destructive effects on native peoples. How can we all try to help to stop it wherever we are?

by Katia Novella Miller (more…)


I’m American too! Are you sure?

The History of the Name of America

This is the intricate history of how the United States of America has appropriated a name that belongs to a whole continent also due to European media and ‘intellectual elites’. This is a story of linguistic imperialism. Leave all your preconceptions at the door if you have any as this report may change your perspective on this issue.

by Katia Novella Miller (more…)

¡Yo también soy americano! ¿De verdad?

La intricada historia de cómo los Estados Unidos se han apropiado de un nombre que pertenece a todo un continente, gracias, también, a la ayuda de las élites intelectuales europeas no anglófonas. Una historia de imperialismo lingüístico. Leyendo este reportaje esperen de todo: las ideas más extrañas y las sorpresas más inesperadas.

por Katia Novella Miller (more…)